In September 2015 the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York ratified the Sustainable Development Goals: these are 17 ambitious goals for worldwide sustainable development. As a medium-sized company with around 70 employees, we may only have a limited influence on global development, but we strongly believe that we can make our own contribution on a small scale to improve individual circumstances and also to ensure that our planet remains habitable.


Firstly, the health of our employees is naturally paramount. They are not only our greatest asset, but a company can only grow if each individual person is able to contribute their interests and aptitudes, and also to develop. Consequently, a holistically oriented working environment not only boosts the well-being of an individual, but also promotes lasting, sustainable economic growth. And so on the one hand, quite specifically, we keep an eye on the physical health of our team: occupational safety is our highest priority. But we also promote healthy eating by supplying fresh fruit and vegetables free of charge every day and providing drinking water as well, and we enable free physiotherapy treatments during working hours. Vaccinations (such as influenza) and other check-ups are handled by an external company physician, and we subsidise supplementary health insurance. In addition, we work to prevent accidents and minimize strain on employee health by providing state-of-the-art working environments, including ergonomic workplaces, two computer monitors and optimized room acoustics. Last but not least, our annual survey on psychological stress ensures that bullying remains outlawed at our company. On the other hand, we also invest in quality training for our young employees and ensure that the whole team benefits from training opportunities that promote their individual talents and professional development within the context of lifelong learning. For instance, the company participates in on-the-job training and study programs, and also supports new methods of working and learning.


You can depend on us to pay above-average salaries and help you achieve a healthy balance between work and leisure. Our company minimum wage is much higher than statutory provisions, with a working week of 37.5 hours (5-day week). Our company pension helps our employees to enjoy their retirement, and flexible working hours, part-time positions and generous mobile-office arrangements allow our younger staff to coordinate their work and family life. We show our employees that we value their contribution to the company, with annual excursions and celebrations, plus small gifts on special occasions.


In particular, we care about maintaining an open relationship with our employees. Flat hierarchies, regular employee meetings on all important topics, and also communication and teamwork on a level playing field help us to achieve this. Even dogs – as known contributors to a good atmosphere at work – are allowed to accompany their owners if arranged beforehand! We always encourage our staff to be proactive, for example in the form of cross-functional project teams. In annual evaluation and development meetings with their superiors, each individual employee receives support and stimulus via personal targets. Our team is diverse and varied – and that’s such an asset! Gender equity and equal opportunities are issues that concern us all. We supply the relevant evidence: at our company women are equally represented in leadership positions. Nobody is allowed to experience discrimination here – whether because of their gender, religion, skin colour, sexual orientation or physical/mental circumstances. This coexistence of different nationalities, cultures and generations – or in other words: people – translates into a huge opportunity. After all, it makes our everyday life diverse and varied as well; different perspectives strengthen our innovative energy and competitiveness. And this benefits us all.