In our efforts to pursue a holistic approach to sustainability, we examine not just the quality of our skin and body care products, but also every single stage of our production and shipping chain. Experience how we are actively promoting conscious handling of raw materials, from recycled aluminium to bottles that are free of microplastics. We also provide an insight into our environmentally friendly shipping – from 100% recycling cardboard boxes through to offsetting all transport emissions. Take a look at our holistic sustainability strategy, for a greener future.


There is hardly any other merchandise group (apart from foods) that affects us as profoundly as skin and body care. This is why, when it comes to the quality of our products, only the highest standards are good enough. In an ongoing process of development, we strive to use raw materials sustainably and consciously based on social, ecological and economic considerations. Of course, this applies to more than just our foam creams, but also their containers and propellant: According to the Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry in Essen: “the impact of propellants […] on environmental effects is […] insignificant.” None of the propellants used in our products harm the climate. Our foam cream bottles are made of recycled aluminium and are free of microplastics. With correct disposal, our bottles can be 100% recycled, and the long lifespan of aluminium reduces the consumption of resources. The use of PCR bottles (100% recycled aluminium) enabled us to save over 679.96 tonnes of CO2 in the year 2023. This amounts to 88.81% less CO2 compared to the same bottle made of 100% primary aluminium.

Our current tubes, on the other hand, are already made of 30% recycling material. And we go a step further: wherever we are able to go without product packaging (apart from products where this is required for regulatory reasons), we have already dispensed with folded boxes and package leaflets.

Handling of our raw materials is also sustainable: during cultivation and harvesting of our raw materials such as alpine herbs, we consciously avoid the use of mineral fertilizer and genetic engineering.


Every day hundreds of orders are packed and sent out from our in-house logistics centre. This is enough reason to pay some thought to packaging and shipping as well. We only use cardboard boxes and packing tape made of 100% recycling material for all new orders. We also make sure that the manufacturer of the cardboard boxes is FSC-certified, which guarantees sustainability of the entire production chain. The letters “RESY” are printed on them, which shows that the boxes are reusable. Incidentally, for some time now our void fill material has been air cushion packaging that consists of 99% air and is 100% recyclable. We also take a responsible approach to shipping: in cooperation with the Deutsche Post DHL Group using its environmental protection programme GOGreen, we offset all the emissions produced during shipping of goods and information. This has enabled us to compensate for the eight tonnes of CO2 produced by transport and logistics in 2019 by means of climate protection projects (as you can see from our certificate).