Sending information to our partners and remaining in contact with them are important parts of our work. And in our digital age it is necessary to also devote some thought to finding alternatives to traditional letters and postal advertising, with the aim of gradually reducing their volume. We already advocate digital channels of communication, and wish to intensify this in order to eliminate postal mailings entirely, wherever possible, by 2024. Incidentally, our shipping of goods and also letters has been climate-neutral for many years, using the Deutsche Post GoGreen programme. In addition to this, we offset all printing of printed materials using climate partners.


A small percentage of our products cannot be sold and would therefore have to be destroyed. These are products, for example, whose best before date is soon approaching, discontinued stock, or “rejects”: the content is fine, but the bottle has minor external flaws. In order to prevent such goods from being thrown away, we work with innatura, an organization that collects these items and forwards them to various social institutions ranging from projects for the homeless to refugee camps in Syria.


It is our goal to draw up a list of criteria that can serve as a guideline for how to select our suppliers and sales partners. These criteria include overlaps in company philosophy, such as adherence to shared values and standards for customer satisfaction, trading ethics and working conditions, plus other social, economic and ecological principles. Our aim here is naturally primarily to supply users with a product of flawless quality, and also the conviction that corporate responsibility also means a responsibility towards human beings and the environment.