When the United Nations drew up the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, they specified an ambitious agenda for sustainable development across the globe. As a company with about 70 employees, we also take our responsibility seriously. From the energy efficiency of our company headquarters through to the digitalization of business processes and a new perspective on business travel – we are discovering how we can take small steps to improve individual living conditions and make a contribution towards keeping our planet in a habitable state.


Our administration building already conforms to the highest energy standards. Nevertheless, it is always possible to do more: the whole company has therefore switched to green electricity. Several years ago, a gas-driven heat pump was installed for the heating in our logistics centre, which is kinder to the environment than traditional gas heating. We clean the logistics warehouse using floor wipers that are impregnated with various oils and used no water. These also contribute to saving an important resource.


The times are long gone in which all documents and contracts were printed and sent by post. It is our goal to create as many outgoing documents as possible digitally, which will save paper and envelopes, and also take some pressure off the environment in the process. Sending digital documents to customers also means that they arrive at their destination sooner. One prerequisite of this is a digital signature, which we will be introducing at the same time. As soon as we are able to align our defined goals with the legal data security specifications relating to the technical documentation for medical devices according to ISO 13485 and those in the area of our quality management system, we will realise further savings potential – regarding the usage of paper.


Travelling to work and the occasional business trip are still necessary in our everyday working lives – or at least that is the way we have been used to doing things. In the near future, though, we intend to take a critical look at these practices. Our goal is to achieve more telephone and video conferences instead of having to drive to the office every day. Good technical equipment will make this possible. If fewer employees drive to work, this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). People are already beginning to rethink their behaviour, and we are encouraging our staff to work at home beyond the pandemic situation, for example with an official mobile office day: today, mobile working is already customary throughout our company on Fridays – work-permitting. And business travel? Well, we already consider it important for our company cars to be put to optimum use, therefore using as little fuel as possible. In future, we will reduce domestic flights and instead take the train wherever possible, powered 100% by green electricity.